Our mission at Rice King is plain and simple .
To bring freshly prepared home style , Chinese / Japanese food to our customers when they are ready to eat , at a warm inviting environment for a reasonable prices.

This mission is supported by a number of values that encompass the foundation of our company. Concerning our food, we place the highest value on:


 • Freshness – We prepare our food from scratch at the store level using only the highest quality ingredients. Our vegetables, meat and poultry are delivered fresh to each Rice King location where our trained chefs freshly prepare throughout the day.

 • Timeliness – Our customers appreciate the promptness at which our chefs and service staff arrange and serve our entrιes. Whether our food is enjoyed on premises or taken to go , it is important that we systematize our operations and provide quick service so that we consistently provide a great experience.

 • Value – We believe in generous portions at reasonable prices. Achieving this has much to do with maintaining a well trained and hard-working operations team, guidance and encouraging our staff , purchasing highest quality ingredients from dependable suppliers , and understanding our business. All this behind-the-scenes work has earned us the loyalty of many regular customers who depend on us for a quick bite during lunch or dining out with the family .

 • Cleanliness – While we pride ourselves on preparing the exceptional tasting Chinese / Japanese food, we also place considerable value on the cleanliness of our restaurants to provide a pleasing experiences for our patrons . All Rice King Managers are ServSafe certified and adhere to the highest standards of health and safety. We work with the best quality equipment and maintain all of our facilities to our highest standards.

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